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One Candle Ministries

"You Are a Candle in the Darkness."


For almost 5 years, in the late '70s and early '80s, my wife and I had our own full-time music ministry. We performed 427 concerts of my original Christian songs in 26 states, and shared stories of how God was working in our lives, for groups as small as 9 people and as large as 3,000 people.

In early 1982, we gave up our ministry so that I could go to college.

pocket watchAfter completing a bachelors degree, a masters degree, and the coursework for two doctorates, I was a popular and successful technology consultant and educator, teaching or training over 3,000 students, instructors, administrators, and employees at six different colleges and universities, and in several corporations. I also shot photos and videos, and created several Web sites, including my own extensive, educational and inspirational site,, which has gotten over 16 million visits.

In addition, I took several years off to empower, educate, assist and advocate for hundreds of at-risk children, seniors, and victims of domestic violence, and to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others.

As a man of faith, I've spent my entire adult life helping others improve their lives. Through it all, God forgave my many sins, taught me many difficult lessons, blessed me with many miracles, and brought me through many personal challenges, including:


Now, after a hiatus of more than 30 years, I'm back in full-time Christian ministry: singing, speaking, writing, and meeting people's needs, to change lives through the love and power of Christ.

I have many inspiring songs and testimonies to share. In fact, I've often said that there would be no point in my having gone through hell so many times, except that now I can reach back and help others get through it.

And, since I know that you're wondering — my beautiful bride and I are still very happily married, and she's the executive assistant at a non-profit organization. She's "the unseen candle behind the candle" of One Candle Ministries — working hard every day to bring home a paycheck, so that I can run this ministry.


I'll be happy to "give a faith lift" to any Florida group within driving distance, whether it's a church, school, business, prison, civic group, college, youth group, hospital, shelter, nursing home, conference, retreat, senior center, charity, special event, community center, coffeehouse, assisted living facility, or whatever — even if it's just a group of friends gathered at your home. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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